Balsa and tissue aircraft, card, plastic and metal models, and 3D puzzles

About Me

I'm 53 years of age and live on the south coast of England, near the city of Portsmouth.

I've always been interested in modelling to some extent, and fondly remember assembling Airfix kits and the like as a boy.  I then dabbled in balsa/tissue kits for a while as a teenager, not ever finishing one I think.  A short lived spell building Tamiya 1/35 scale AFVs followed in my early 20s, and then a long gap, before I suddenly had the urge to begin modelling again shortly before my 40th birthday.

I then, at last, completed a few balsa/tissue models - only for display though, as I was just too scared to launch my carefully built creations skyward for fear that they would quickly turn into a pile of scrap wood and torn tissue!  Having said that, I did build one specifically to fly (the FROG Redwing), and it did :-)

Then, around March of 2008, I discovered Fiddlers Green and card modelling in general.  It's a lot cheaper, there's far less mess and smelly substances involved, and best of all if you make any mistakes then, provided you have the original, a new set of parts can be printed out straight away and you can just try again - brilliant!

Another interest of mine is building 3D jigsaws/slot together puzzles.  These make it easy to create large, impressive models of almost anything. I also enjoy building metal kits from the likes of Metal Earth etc. They're small and quite fiddly to put together, but on the plus side there's no painting or glueing at all which means no mess whatsoever!

In August 2016 I completed my first plastic kit (the Airfix Eurofighter Typhoon) in almost 30 years!  This was built for a competition where I worked at the time, where the winner's model would take pride of place on display to the company's visitors/customers, many of whom are from the aerospace industry. Since then I have gone on to make many more plastic models.


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