Balsa and tissue aircraft, card, plastic and metal models, and 3D puzzles

Welcome to my website

Here you will find photos of all the models I've built over the last few years, plus a little about me - enjoy!

About the models

The majority of the models shown here are made using A4 or A5 160gsm cardstock, the rest are made from balsa and tissue (the Guillows, scratch built Fokker D.VIII and FROG Redwing), plastic, metal, or are 3D puzzles.

New additions

Most recent first.  The letter(s) in brackets denote the type of model or which material it is constructed from:- C=Card, PU=3D PUzzle, PL=PLastic, M=Metal, BT=Balsa and Tissue.

26/09/18 M3 Grant (PL)
04/09/18 PzKpfw VI Ausf.B Tiger II 'King Tiger' (PL)
18/06/18 London Bus (M)
05/06/18 Dragon Flame (M)
30/05/18 Mark I 'Male' (PL)
21/05/18 Star Wars Imperial Shuttle (M)
15/05/18 Star Wars Destroyer Droid (M)
13/05/18 Challenger I (PL)
22/04/18 Guardians Of The Galaxy Star Lord (M)
11/04/18 Ford Model T (M)
09/04/18 HMS Amazon F169 (PL)
27/02/18 Blackburn Buccaneer Mk.I (PL)
22/01/18 Star Wars TIE Fighter (PL)
07/01/18 DeHavilland Tiger Moth (M)
07/01/18 T34/76 (PL)
10/12/17 Hawker Hurricane Mk.I (PL)
15/11/17 Star Wars Kylo Ren's Shuttle (M)
08/11/17 Bristol Blenheim Mk.IV (PL)
29/09/17 PzKpfw II (PL)

Recent photos



1st January 2017
A new 'Models For Sale' page added.

18th June 2018
My first commission - the HK Genesis London Bus! Built for a friend at work :-)

6th September 2018
Chris's Models is now on YouTube! My first proper video is of the Airfix 1/76 scale King Tiger. You can see it here