Balsa and tissue aircraft, card, plastic and metal models, and 3D puzzles

Welcome to my website

Here you will find photos of all the models I've built over the last few years, plus a little about me - enjoy!

About the models

The majority of the models shown here are made using A4 or A5 160gsm cardstock, the rest are made from balsa and tissue (the Guillows, scratch built Fokker D.VIII and FROG Redwing), plastic, metal, or are 3D puzzles.

New additions

Most recent first.  The letter(s) in brackets denote the type of model or which material it is constructed from:- C=Card, PU=3D PUzzle, PL=PLastic, M=Metal, BT=Balsa and Tissue.

11/07/17 Supermarine Spitfire (PU)
11/07/17 Space Shuttle Atlantis (M)
29/05/17 Doctor Who TARDIS (M)
29/05/17 Star Trek TOS USS Enterprise NCC-1701 (M)
27/05/17 Star Wars Millennium Falcon (PU)
27/05/17 Wright Flyer (M)
08/05/17 A7V (C)
01/05/17 Star Wars C-3PO (updated with battle droid head) (M)
30/04/17 Star Wars R2-D2 (M)
30/04/17 Golden Hind (M)
30/04/17 Star Wars AT-AT (M)
02/04/17 Iron Man (M)
16/03/17 Star Wars TIE Fighter (PU)
15/03/17 Big Ben (M)
15/03/17 Avro Lancaster (M)
13/03/17 Mark IV (C)
11/03/17 Star Trek USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D (M)
03/03/17 M4 Sherman (C)
16/02/17 PzKpfw VI Tiger I (C)
27/01/17 HMS Dauntless D33 (M)
20/01/17 Star Wars Millennium Falcon (M)
12/01/17 English Electric F.3 Lightning (C)
17/12/16 Star Wars C-3PO (M)
07/12/16 Doctor Who Dalek (M)
03/12/16 Lamborghini Aventador Police Car (C)
23/10/16 Apollo Lunar Module (M)
23/10/16 PzKpfw VI Tiger I (M)
21/09/16 Star Wars Episode VII X-Wing (M)
21/09/16 Hawker Hurricane (PU)
13/09/16 Giraffe (C)
13/09/16 Avro Lancaster (PU)
14/08/16 Red Arrows BAE Hawk T1 (PU)
11/08/16 Eurofighter Typhoon (PL)

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Site announcements

1st January 2017 - A new 'Models For Sale' page added.

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